Woman Excluded from Fancy Dinner at Restaurant as Her Mother-in-Law Assumed She Wouldn’t Know ‘How to Eat’ the Food

A woman shared her dilemma on Reddit after she abruptly left a family vacation due to being excluded by her in-laws from a fancy dinner. She felt this slight was because her husband’s family considered her of a lower social class and lacking in manners.

The situation escalated when her mother-in-law assumed she wouldn’t be comfortable at an upscale restaurant, presuming she wouldn’t know how to eat the food or follow dining etiquette.

Upon learning she wasn’t invited and that her brother-in-law’s girlfriend had been similarly snubbed, the woman chose to fly home, prompting her husband to accuse her of ingratitude and embarrassing him. After a heated argument and subsequent silent treatment from her husband, coupled with indirect criticism from his family on social media, the Reddit community weighed in.

Some advised the woman to set clear boundaries and improve communication with her husband, others suggested she should publicly respond to the family’s posts, and a few recommended considering divorce in light of the repeated disrespect.