Woman fell in love with teacher 25 years older – now the couple wants to show that age is just a number

Love, often deemed ageless, is exemplified by Michelle and Monica, a couple with a notable 25-year age gap. Their unconventional love story began in 2004 when Michelle, then 38, was Monica’s schoolteacher. Monica, at 13, saw Michelle merely as a good teacher, insisting, “At that time, we had no relationship except that she was a good teacher.” The story took a turn in April 2020 when Monica, having recently come out as a lesbian, sought out her former teacher on Facebook.

Despite initial concerns about their age difference and how they met, the two reconnected in 2021, building a close friendship that evolved into a romantic relationship. Monica faced online abuse, with people often mistaking them for mother and daughter or even grandmother and granddaughter. Despite this, they found happiness and got engaged in the fall of 2022. On June 17, 2023, the couple tied the knot in a small ceremony near Lake Michigan.

Their story challenges societal norms, emphasizing that love transcends age. Despite the trolling and questions about their unconventional relationship, Monica and Michelle share common interests like local beer, camping, and music, solidifying their bond beyond the years that separate them. As Monica aptly puts it, “When you see me kiss her, why would you ask if she’s my mother?”