Woman harshly criticized online after adopting husband’s ex-wife’s baby

Christie and Wesley Werts embarked on a unique journey when they decided to adopt Levi, the biological child of Wesley’s late ex-wife. Despite facing challenges related to drug use during pregnancy, Levi’s birth marked a poignant chapter for the blended Werts family. Christie, determined to provide Levi a stable home, had recurrent dreams about a blue-eyed blond baby months before learning about him, influencing her decision to adopt.

The adoption process, lasting 16 months, included legal hurdles such as relocating from Ohio to Texas and terminating Levi’s biological father’s parental rights. Christie’s dreams aligned with reality when they met Levi through Child Protection Services in Texas.

The heartwarming tale faced unexpected online criticism, with some questioning Christie’s decision to share the story publicly. Despite the negativity, the Werts family overcame obstacles and, after court proceedings, inspections, and interviews, finalized Levi’s adoption. The criticism highlights the challenges of sharing personal adoption stories in the digital age, raising concerns about potential impacts on the child’s future well-being.

In the face of adversity, the Werts family’s determination and love prevailed, demonstrating the power of resilience and familial bonds in creating a loving home for Levi.