Woman hears doorbell ring at 4 am — sees it’s her neighbor dog paying her a visit

A heartwarming video captured the moment an American Bully named Bruce rang a woman’s doorbell at 4 a.m., seeking an early morning visit. The homeowner recognized Bruce as her neighbor’s dog, impressed by his understanding of using the doorbell.

The woman let Bruce in, and he made himself at home, playing with a toy belonging to her cat and later settling comfortably on her couch. When she tried to contact Bruce’s owners, they didn’t respond, so she allowed him to spend the night and returned him to his home the next morning.

“I got out of bed and let him inside, this wasn’t the first time he stopped by to say hello,” she wrote in an update. “He helped himself with a toy that belongs to my cat as he had the zoomies for a good 10 minutes and then finally decided to make himself comfortable on my couch.”

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The video went viral, garnering over 24.6 million views in just two days, with many viewers expressing their willingness to let Bruce visit them too.

“He wanted to have a sleep over,” another wrote.

What a smart dog and a funny video! Please share this story with your friends if you’d let this adorable dog inside for a visit ❤️🥰