Woman Hides from Daughter That She’s Adopted — Bio Mom Shows up & Asks to Meet the Girl

A mother sought advice on Reddit regarding her dilemma about allowing her son’s ex-lover, Erica, to meet their daughter, whom they had adopted. Eleven years ago, when Erica and the woman’s son decided not to keep the baby, the woman and her husband adopted the child as their own.


Despite financial support and strained relationships, the couple raised the daughter without revealing the truth about her birth parents. Recently, Erica expressed a desire to meet their daughter, prompting a disagreement. The woman, concerned about their daughter’s anxiety and ongoing therapy, wanted to wait for the right time to disclose the adoption.


Confused by the sudden reaction from others, including Erica’s parents, the woman sought guidance on the situation. While some supported her decision to prioritize their daughter’s well-being, others criticized her for withholding the truth and denying Erica access.


The online community offered diverse opinions on whether the woman was justified in her choices or being unreasonable.