Woman Is Shocked To Find Out Her Tattoos Have “Limited” Her Employment Options

An Australian model, Amber Luke, known as “Dragon Girl” due to her extensive body tattoos, has shared her struggle to secure traditional modeling work. Luke has inked about 99% of her body, including her eyeballs, spending over $25,000 to achieve her desired appearance. Despite her unique look, her tattoos have limited her job opportunities in the modeling industry, which favors specific appearances.

In an interview on a Brisbane radio show, Luke revealed that her tattoos have affected her financial prospects. She acknowledges the limitations her tattoos impose on modeling opportunities but remains unapologetic about her choices.

Luke believes that employers should consider her work ethic, values, and skills rather than solely judging her based on appearance. She stresses that beauty varies among individuals, and she won’t let negative opinions affect her self-confidence.

While Luke’s striking appearance is a result of determined body modification, such as blue tattoos in her eyeballs, she remains resolute and defiant in the face of societal judgments regarding her appearance.

Amber Luke’s journey highlights the challenges faced by individuals whose unique appearances deviate from traditional standards, calling for a more inclusive and open-minded approach to beauty and self-expression.


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