Woman Is Shocked To Learn Her Relationship With A Hollywood Celebrity Was A Scam

In a modern cautionary tale, a Kentucky woman named McKala found herself trapped in a deceitful online relationship, believing she was in a secret romance with actor Dacre Montgomery from “Stranger Things.” This story reveals the dangers of forging digital connections based on lies.

McKala, seeking solace after a toxic marriage, encountered a stranger on an online forum who claimed to be Dacre Montgomery. Despite never meeting or hearing his voice, she became emotionally invested in their digital connection. The imposter exploited her vulnerabilities, describing a troubled relationship with model Liv Pollock and playing on her empathy.

The deception deepened with references to “Stranger Things” and financial demands, leading McKala to send $10,000 in gift cards. The Catfished team helped unveil the scam, exposing the fraudster’s multiple forged checks and even a fake lasagna photo.