Woman not allowed to board her flight due to ‘revealing’ outfit – when she explains her reason, it’s even more bizarre

Kine-Chan, a renowned Brazilian model and cosplayer, faced an unexpected hurdle at Navegantes Airport in Brazil when airline staff deemed her costume “inappropriate” for boarding. The 21-year-old had dressed as Rebecca from the anime series Cyberpunk, donning a black bikini, blue wig, and black sandals.

Expressing her frustration on Instagram, she wrote, “I was told to go home and change clothes because the one I was wearing was not ’appropriate.’” This sparked a varied response from her followers, with some supporting the airline staff’s decision and others expressing sympathy for Kine-Chan’s situation.

While some suggested alternative, easily changeable outfits for practicality, others defended her right to creative expression. One follower commented, “It’s truly disappointing to find out the airport barred you, a talented artist, because of a cosplay as incredible as Rebecca’s. Freedom of speech and creativity should always be encouraged and respected.”

The incident highlights the intersection of personal expression and airline regulations, prompting discussions about the balance between adhering to rules and embracing individuality.