Woman refuses to share inheritance, fiancé throws major tantrum

A woman turned to an online community seeking advice after a tense argument with her fiancé over financial matters. Sharing her story on Reddit’s ‘Am I The A*****e’ thread, the 32-year-old woman, known as Original Poster (OP), revealed her dilemma.

After becoming engaged to her 35-year-old partner following five years together, the couple set a wedding date for May 2025. However, tragedy struck when OP’s grandmother passed away, leaving her a substantial inheritance. The trouble began when OP overheard her fiancé discussing using the money to pay off debts and fund a boys’ holiday.

Confronting him, OP asserted that the money was hers alone, sparking a heated exchange. Feeling disrespected and upset, OP left the house to stay with a friend, questioning her actions and seeking input from the online community.

Responses overwhelmingly supported OP, condemning her fiancé’s entitlement and lack of consideration. Users advised her to reconsider the relationship, citing concerns about financial irresponsibility, entitlement, and potential narcissistic behavior from her partner.

In light of the outpouring of support, OP was urged to prioritize her well-being and reconsider her future with her fiancé, recognizing the warning signs in their relationship.