Woman snaps photo running through rainforest – later spots haunting detail in the bushes

Among the plethora of spooky images online, some defy explanation. Runner Kay Borleis encountered such a photo while traversing a 100-mile run through a Hawaiian rainforest in 2019. In a picture snapped by her friend and pacer, Cassie, Kay noticed an eerie figure lurking in the bushes.

Despite no one being visible during the run, the photo revealed a dark figure dressed in tattered clothing. Kay insisted it was neither photoshopped nor staged, sparking intrigue.

Delving into Hawaiian legends, Kay discovered tales of Night Marchers, vengeful spirits haunting the islands. According to legend, gazing upon them can lead to a violent demise, unless one shows proper respect.

Thankfully, Kay and Cassie encountered no such apparition during their run. The unsettling detail in the photo remains a chilling reminder of the mysteries lurking in the depths of the rainforest.

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