Woman Was ‘Dead’ For 27 Minutes, But As Soon As She Woke Up She Scribbled A Spine-Chilling Message…

Tina Hines, who experienced a near-death episode, conveyed a chilling message after being “dead” for 27 minutes. While preparing for a hike in Phoenix, Arizona, Tina suddenly collapsed.

Her husband, Brian, performed CPR multiple times to revive her before paramedics took over. Tina eventually awoke in the hospital, unable to speak due to intubation.

She urgently requested a pen to scribble a message: “it’s real.” She described a vivid vision of heaven with vibrant colors and a person she believed to be Jesus standing before radiant gates.

Tina’s survival was attributed to Brian’s timely CPR. Cardiac arrests often strike unexpectedly, with only 10% survival outside a hospital setting. In this case, CPR increased her chances dramatically.

Scientists are studying near-death experiences (NDEs) to understand the brain’s activity during cardiac arrest. Some believe that heightened brain activity just after death might explain NDE visions, but definitive proof remains elusive.

Despite the unclear handwriting, Tina’s message was profound: she believes heaven is real.