Woman With 7 Stone Leg Displays It Proudly Despite The Endless Internet Trolling

Rebecca Puhl, an expert on weight stigma, warns that it’s a significant public health issue, causing harm and hindering healthcare access. Negative body image can devastate a person’s self-esteem, especially among the youth. Mahogany Geter, a woman from Knoxville, Tennessee, battles lymphedema, causing severe leg swelling.

Online trolls exacerbate her struggles. Geter courageously confronts their hurtful comments, including suggestions to amputate her leg for a “better” look. Despite the cruel remarks, she perseveres with support from her family and the lymphedema community. Her mother, Timika Geter, emphasizes Mahogany’s inner and outer beauty.

Mahogany aims to inspire others and has entered the modeling world. Lymphedema can escalate into lymphangiosarcoma, an incurable malignancy. Diagnosed at birth, Mahogany initially felt cursed and ugly but later embraced her strength and uniqueness.

She employs physiotherapy and uses social media to raise lymphedema awareness, sharing her journey on TikTok and YouTube. Her story resonates as a testament to resilience and self-acceptance.