Woman’s tumbler survives fire that destroys car, cup company gifts her new vehicle for viral video

A viral TikTok video featuring Danielle Turner has amazed nearly 91 million viewers, revealing the surprising durability of a tumbler in comparison to a vehicle. Turner’s SUV caught fire on the side of a highway, resulting in its complete destruction. Remarkably, she found her copper-colored Stanley tumbler undamaged in the cup holder, with ice still inside it. The video garnered widespread attention, with netizens praising Stanley for its remarkable product durability.

Stanley’s President, Terence Reilly, reached out to Turner, expressing relief that she was safe. As a surprise, Reilly offered to replace her destroyed vehicle, showcasing the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction. Turner received new Stanley tumblers and, a month later, a brand-new white Mazda CX-90 from the company.

@danimarielettering What a journey, thank you all sooo much for being here for it. I cant say it enough, this wouldnt have happened without every single one of you. Love you and @Stanley 1913 ♬ The Champion – Lux-Inspira

Viewers applauded Stanley’s outstanding customer service and genuine response to Turner’s situation. Many expressed their desire to support the brand, emphasizing the positive impact such acts of kindness from company leaders could have on the world. Stanley’s actions demonstrated exceptional customer service and set an example for other businesses to follow.