WORLD’s FATTEST woman left with deadly infection after losing 31 stone and having 2 stone of excess skin removed

Once considered the world’s heaviest woman at 55 stone 8 lb, Charity Pierce embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey with a vow to marry her fiancé, Tony Sauer. Her determination led to the shedding of a staggering 31 stones over two years. Initially housebound due to severe mobility issues, Charity aimed to regain her life.

Tragically, her mother’s battle with brain cancer ended before Charity could visit her, spurring her onward. Despite losing 282 lbs within a year, the removal of two stone’s worth of excess skin resulted in a life-threatening infection. Dr. Younan Nowzaradan intervened with emergency surgery.

Charity’s lifelong struggle with weight began in her early teens when she weighed over 35 stones due to mobility issues and lymphedema. The love and support of her toyboy lover, Tony, prompted her to seek help. She adopted a 1,200-calorie daily diet, switched from 10,000-calorie habits, and exercised regularly. This journey also inspired her daughter Charly to join in, collectively losing over 31 stones in two years.