World’s heaviest mother reveals healthy new life after split from chubby chaser fiancé

Donna Simpson, the world’s heaviest mother at 600 pounds, is undergoing a significant lifestyle change. She once earned money by letting people with a fat fetish watch her eat online, consuming 15,000 daily calories.

After her fiancé, who encouraged her to gain weight, left her, Simpson decided to embrace a healthier diet and exercise regimen. She aims to lose 230 pounds, more than a third of her body weight, due to her newfound responsibility for her children. She acknowledges that relying on her children to care for her isn’t fair. Simpson, who had once aimed to become the world’s fattest woman, has already lost 60 pounds and plans to lose another 170 pounds, reaching a target weight of 370 pounds.

Simpson’s decision coincides with the rise of Susanne Eman, a 32-year-old plus-size model aiming to surpass the 1,000-pound mark. However, Simpson remains spirited and claims her Guinness World Record for the “World’s Heaviest Mother” is based on her weight during childbirth, while Eman’s record is different.