Would It Be Advisable For Me To Regret Destroying My Child’s Wedding?

A mother recounts her story of disrupting her son Mike’s wedding due to his past actions. Mike, once a good husband and father, drastically changed after his son Tommy, born with Down syndrome, arrived. He cheated on his wife Jane and divorced her, leaving Tommy solely in Jane’s care.

The mother, deeply affected by Mike’s actions, felt compelled to act when she learned of his remarriage. She describes, “Before you say, ‘I do’ once more, Michael St. John, meet your first ‘I did’ and the family you abandoned,” as she confronted him at his wedding with Tommy in her arms. This bold move left the guests stunned and Mike’s bride reconsidering their relationship.

She reflects, “He may be my blood, but I didn’t raise him to be this way. Jane is more of a daughter to me now than Mike is a son.” The mother’s actions led to the bride leaving Mike at the altar, creating a scene that deeply embarrassed him.

While she questions the extremity of her actions, the mother believes it was necessary to teach Mike a lesson and hopes he might still make amends with Tommy. She ends her story, asking readers for their opinion on her decision and introduces another story about Jane receiving mysterious messages before her wedding.