You can avoid using chemical fertilizers by using a miracle fertilizer.

In a viral video, a farmer’s unconventional yet effective method of fertilizing tomato plants with an egg and banana has gained widespread attention, amassing almost 1.2 million views worldwide. The farmer digs a hole, places a raw egg and a banana in its shell, and then plants tomato seedlings on top before covering them with soil.

The key lies in the egg and banana breaking down over time, providing essential “magic nutrients” vital for vegetable seeds. This natural fertilizer, consisting of only two ingredients, replaces artificial fertilizers known for their harm to the environment, crops, and human health.

The use of chemical fertilizers, often driven by the challenges posed by ecological degradation and a deteriorating ozone layer, results in a negative impact on the flavor and appearance of fruits and vegetables. While these chemicals expedite plant growth and enhance aesthetics, they compromise taste and pose long-term risks to crops. Weakening plants through excessive chemical fertilization makes them susceptible to diseases and reduces pest resistance, hindering overall growth.

As an alternative, natural fertilizers, such as ash, dung, and vegetable waste, offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution. The egg and banana technique serves as a simple yet powerful illustration of how natural alternatives can replace harmful chemical fertilizers, promoting healthier crops and a sustainable approach to farming.