Young Boy Accidentally Puts Dent In Neighbor’s Car, Mom Receives Note With ‘Bill’ For Repairs

When a 3-year-old boy scratched a neighbor’s car, the boy’s parents immediately apologized and offered to pay for the repairs.

While opening the car door, the young boy unintentionally dented the neighbor’s car. A few days later, the unnamed parents contacted the neighbor to remind them of their offer.

Then, a few days later, they got a letter that said: “Invoice for car damage: Damage repair and re-spray £1,500… V.A.T. £300 for damage repair and re-spray… many cups of tea while considering the £28 repair… many biscuit packets as I consider spending £10 on repairs.

“These things happen… Minus -£1,838… No Charge,” the letter continued.

The neighbor continued, “Our only request is that you keep bringing our packages in while we are away, thanks!” Facebook users posted the letter there with the caption, “Wow such wonderful people xx.”