13-Year-Old Boy Killed By What Fell From The Sky As He Was Playing Basketball

Noah Inman, a 13-year-old from Indiana, met a tragic end while playing basketball with friends. Initially thought to have had a seizure, it was later revealed that Noah was hit by a bullet fired into the sky nearby. Despite medical efforts, he passed away days later.

Photo credit: Max Pixel, Sarah Boyle Daniels/GoFundMe

Hammond Police Department expressed concern over the dangerous practice of firing bullets into the air, urging responsible celebrations. Mayor Tom McDermott Jr. extended condolences to the Inman family, hoping the culprits would come forward.

Photo credit: Max Pixel, Sarah Boyle Daniels/GoFundMe

Noah’s baseball team paid tribute by adding his initials and jersey number to their caps. Coach Juan Maldonado praised Noah’s dedication and humility. The incident underscores the dangers of firing guns into the air, emphasizing responsible gun ownership and adherence to firearm laws.

According to WMAQ-TV, Noah was playing basketball in Hammond when he collapsed, hit by a falling bullet likely fired as fireworks. Hospital workers discovered the cause. The case remains under investigation.

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