28-year-old builds home inside dumpster for $5,000 – wait until you take a tour inside

28-Year-Old Builds Cozy Home Inside Dumpster for $5,000


While some dream of large houses and mansions, others find comfort in small spaces. Harrison Marshall, a 28-year-old man, had the idea to create a cozy home without breaking the bank. As the head of CAUKIN Studio, an architecture company focused on reducing environmental impact, Marshall was no stranger to thinking outside the box.

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Turning a Dumpster into a Home

Marshall found a dumpster for just $62 a month and decided to transform it into his living space. Located in Southwark, London, this unconventional dwelling features a portable mini fridge, a small sink with a cooktop, and a mezzanine-style bed with built-in storage space. While the dumpster lacks a shower, Marshall utilizes a local gym for bathing and a laundromat for laundry needs.

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Affordability and Cost Breakdown

Marshall paid approximately $5,000 for the renovation of his tiny home. He spent $4,620 on building supplies, including timber, insulation, and fixings, and $380 on interior furnishing, such as storage and a foam mattress. Compared to the monthly cost of a one-bed flat on the same road, which amounts to $2,100, Marshall’s investment seems like a great deal.

Marshall’s Perspective and Social Media Presence

Marshall shares glimpses of his daily life in his dumpster home with his followers on social media. He sees his living situation as an art piece that sheds light on the absurdity of London’s housing crisis, evoking both smiles and contemplation. However, he does not recommend others to replicate his lifestyle, as he hopes to move out soon to a more traditional living space with savings intact.


The story of Harrison Marshall’s dumpster home showcases the creative solutions individuals can find in the face of housing challenges. His cozy abode serves as a reminder that a home doesn’t have to be large to provide comfort and peace. While living in a dumpster may not be for everyone, Marshall’s unique living arrangement sparks intrigue and invites contemplation about alternative housing options.

Would you ever consider living in a dumpster yourself?

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