A 6 years old child passes away several weeks after father’s death caused by a lightning strike.

A heartbreaking incident has left a community in shock as a father and his 6-year-old son were struck by lightning. Sadly, the father did not survive, while the young boy fought for several weeks before passing away.

The incident occurred when Matthew Boggs and his son Grayson were walking together in their driveway. Without warning, a lightning strike occurred, resulting in fatal injuries for both of them. Matthew died instantly, but Grayson was rushed to the hospital.

Despite receiving a bleak prognosis, Grayson’s family refused to give up hope. They started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe to provide him with the best possible chance of recovery. Unfortunately, his condition did not improve significantly, and after several weeks, doctors advised the family to remove life support. Tragically, just three days after this difficult decision, Grayson succumbed to his injuries.

The incident happened on May 15, 2023, when Matthew went to the bus stop to collect his sons. Grayson and his brother Elijah stayed near the driveway. Suddenly, thunder struck, and the tragic event began. Elijah rushed back to his father and brother, unaware of the severity of the situation. Grayson appeared physically unharmed below the neck, but the presence of potential brain damage was uncertain.

Throughout Grayson’s ordeal, a family friend named Stephanie Burris created a GoFundMe campaign and provided regular updates to donors. It was revealed that Grayson had suffered a severe brain injury, which would result in challenges for him in various aspects of life.

Despite the ongoing support, Grayson’s condition remained stable, and there was no sign of improvement. The doctors informed the family that his current state would persist indefinitely. Grayson’s mother, Kayla, made the heartbreaking decision to disconnect him from the ventilator and register him as an organ donor. In his final days, relatives and loved ones visited Grayson to say their goodbyes.

On the following day, Grayson passed away. The fundraising campaign had exceeded its target, raising over $102,000. The community mourns the loss of Grayson and extends their sympathies and support to the family during this difficult time.

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