A guy wanted to humiliate the bus driver by starting to record an unusual scene on the bus!

On an ordinary bus ride, an extraordinary scene unfolded, captured by a passenger keen on humiliation. Amidst a full bus, the driver silently navigated the route.

A passenger, however, noticed something peculiar on the driver’s coat—bugs crawling on his neck and ears. Shocked, the passenger recorded the incident, later sharing it on Facebook. Identified as lice, the bugs prompted Primo Onipa, the recorder, to publicly shame the driver for his apparent neglect.

According to Onipa’s post, the driver emitted a foul odor, suggesting poor hygiene habits. In the footage, the driver seemed unfazed by the parasites, implying a disturbing level of familiarity.

The video sparked outrage online, with users questioning the suitability of a lice-infested individual operating a bus. Lice, microscopic insects feeding on blood, cause itching and discomfort. Despite misconceptions, lice infestation isn’t exclusive to poor hygiene.

The incident sheds light on the challenges of dealing with lice, emphasizing the importance of hygiene and awareness in public settings. Unfortunately, the video has been removed, leaving behind a disturbing reminder of the perils of neglect.

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