A woman’s car that disappeared with her daughter 23 years ago has been discovered

Long-Awaited Closure

A significant breakthrough has occurred in a decades-old cold case. Human remains were found inside a car that vanished 23 years ago in Arkansas. The car belonged to Samantha Jean Hopper, whose disappearance on September 11, 1998, remained unsolved for years.

The nonprofit organization Adventures With Purpose partnered with the Pope County Sheriff’s Office to uncover the submerged car. The efforts of both entities led to this breakthrough. The recovered vehicle, eight feet underwater, contained human remains, prompting authorities to conduct DNA testing for conclusive identification.

The discovery brings relief to the families of Samantha Hopper and her daughter Courtney Holt. The prolonged uncertainty surrounding their disappearance has come to an end. Samantha’s daughter, Dezarea Hopper, expressed her gratitude for finally getting closure after years of anguish.


The collaborative efforts of Adventures With Purpose and law enforcement emphasize the power of teamwork in solving cold cases. The transportation of remains for DNA testing highlights the commitment to providing answers. This discovery serves as a testament to perseverance, cooperation, and justice for those affected by such mysteries.



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