Al Sharpton Faces Backlash Over His Salary From His Own Charity

Reverend Al Sharpton has come under scrutiny for his salary from his charity, the National Action Network (NAN), as revealed in the latest tax filings. In the previous year, Sharpton received a total of $1,046,948 from the organization, including a salary of $324,000, a 32% increase from his 2017 pay. Additionally, he was granted a bonus of $159,596 and received “other compensation” amounting to $563,352.

The Controversial Compensation

Sharpton serves as both the president and CEO of NAN, giving him significant control over the Harlem-based nonprofit. The substantial increase in his compensation was reportedly aimed at making up for the years when he received partial pay from 2004 to 2017. NAN claimed to have hired an executive compensation firm to determine the owed amount, which amounted to $1.252 million. Sharpton agreed to accept $500,000 less than the calculated sum.

Defending the Windfall

Before taking the stage at his weekly rally at the House of Justice in Harlem, Sharpton defended his increased compensation. He stated that the salary raise was warranted, considering the demanding nature of his work, which involves six days a week and several hours a day. According to Sharpton, the comparison to salaries in other companies and non-profits justified his income.

A History of High Earnings

Tax documents reveal that Sharpton has been earning well into six figures every year since 2008. While he didn’t receive a salary that year, his income has been substantial in the following years.

The public reaction to Sharpton’s significant compensation from his charity has sparked criticism and debate about the management of nonprofit organizations and the appropriateness of such earnings.

Sources: New York Post / Photo Credit: Google

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