Ashton Kutcher on his life-threatening health scare and how his wife, Mila Kunis, stepped in to support him

A Terrifying Medical Emergency

Superstar Ashton Kutcher recently opened up about a life-threatening health scare that left him unable to see, hear, or walk. The actor shared his experience on the first episode of Paramount+’s health series, The Checkup With Dr. David Agus.

A Rare Autoimmune Disease

Kutcher revealed that he was diagnosed with vasculitis, a serious and rare autoimmune disease that causes inflammation and thickening of blood vessel walls. This condition can lead to complications like restricted blood flow, blood clots, organ damage, and even hearing and vision loss.

An Unsettling Experience

The actor described waking up one day with vision issues, hearing loss, and difficulty walking. He expressed the frustration of suddenly losing his ability to see and hear clearly, emphasizing his desire to regain his previous level of health.

The Journey to Recovery

Ashton Kutcher discussed his recovery process and mental outlook with Dr. Agus. He mentioned his personal goal of achieving a full comeback, drawing inspiration from his experience of going from being unable to walk to running a marathon within three years. He acknowledged the importance of a positive mindset in the healing process.


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An Appreciation for Life

During the interview, Kutcher was joined by his twin brother, Michael, who has cerebral palsy. The actor reflected on how his brother’s condition has given him a unique perspective on life and mortality. He emphasized the value of making the most of each day and spending time with loved ones, particularly his children.


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The Support of Mila Kunis

Dr. Agus acknowledged Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher’s wife, for her unwavering support during his health scare. Kutcher expressed gratitude for her presence by his side and described her as the best. The couple, who met while filming That ’70s Show, married in 2015 and have two children together.

An Impressive Recovery

Dr. Agus commended Ashton Kutcher’s remarkable recovery progress over the years. The doctor acknowledged the role of Kutcher’s wife in supporting him through this challenging time.

The Importance of Conversation and Support

Ashton Kutcher’s story highlights the significance of discussing and raising awareness about life-threatening medical events. It also emphasizes the crucial role that loved ones play in providing support and encouragement during difficult times.

Inspiring Recovery

The actor’s recovery journey is truly impressive, demonstrating the power of resilience and the importance of a strong support system. Share your thoughts on Kutcher’s inspiring recovery and the importance of open conversations surrounding health challenges.

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