Bill Clinton and Hillary have been married for 46 years – she rejected him twice before saying “I do”

Bill Clinton, the former US President, and Hillary Clinton, ex-Secretary of State, recently marked 45 years of marriage. Notably, Hillary declined Bill’s proposals twice before accepting. Their enduring love story began at Yale University, where Hillary first approached Bill. Despite her reservations about losing her identity and the pressures of political life, she eventually agreed to marry him.

Their journey saw Bill ascend to the presidency in 1993, amidst which they faced the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Hillary described her choice to remain with Bill during this period as “one of the most difficult decisions she has made.” Post-presidency, they continued their public service roles, with Hillary becoming Secretary of State.

By 2019, the couple had embraced grandparenthood thrice. In 2022, celebrating their 45th anniversary, Bill tweeted, “October 11th was a beautiful day 45 years ago. Still is. The bride was beautiful too. And still is. Happy Anniversary, Hillary. I love you.” Hillary replied, “Forty-five years. Never a dull moment, and you’re still my best friend. Love you, Bill.”

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