Brave Marine jumps on grenade to save fellow comrade – wins Medal of Honor

Brave Marine Awarded Medal of Honor for Heroic Act

William Kyle Carpenter, a 21-year-old Lance Corporal in the United States Marines, has been recognized as a true American hero. In 2010, Carpenter was deployed to Afghanistan, where he made a life-changing decision that showcased his unwavering strength.

A Split-Second Decision with Devastating Consequences

During a fierce firefight, a grenade landed dangerously close to Carpenter and another Marine. Without hesitation, Carpenter acted swiftly, sacrificing himself to shield his comrade from the blast.

“He sacrificed his life to save his fellow Marine.”

This act of selflessness resulted in severe injuries for Carpenter. He suffered from shrapnel wounds, shattered bones in his skull and face, lost part of his jaw, and experienced a collapsed lung. Despite being declared “P.E.A” upon his return to Camp Bastion, miraculously, Carpenter survived.

The Long Road to Recovery

Over the next two years, Carpenter underwent an arduous series of forty surgeries to address his extensive injuries. His bravery earned him the Purple Heart, and he was later presented with the prestigious Medal of Honor by President Barack Obama.

Life after Service

Carpenter has since retired from military service and is currently pursuing a degree at the University of South Carolina, starting a new chapter in his life.

To witness the remarkable journey of Kyle Carpenter, watch the video below.


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