After a Burger King employee does this in the drive-thru, a woman’s Facebook post becomes viral.


A heartwarming incident at a Burger King drive-thru has captured widespread attention after a customer shared her experience on Facebook. Rebecca Boening, a Texan resident, recounted an unusual encounter with a Burger King employee that left her amazed.

The Incident

Rebecca Boening experienced a sudden drop in her blood sugar level while driving on I-40. Fortunately, she spotted a Burger King restaurant at the upcoming exit. However, her low blood sugar made it challenging for her to place an order at the drive-thru. Despite the difficulty, she managed to mention her diabetes and the urgent need for food to the person on the speaker.

Rebecca Boening and Tina Hardy

Tina Hardy’s Act of Kindness

As Boening pulled up to the payment window, she was astonished to witness Burger King employee Tina Hardy rushing towards her car. Hardy maneuvered between the building and the front of Boening’s car to deliver a small serving of ice cream, recognizing the signs of low blood sugar due to her own husband’s diabetes. Boening was deeply touched by this unexpected act of compassion.

Going Above and Beyond

After completing the payment, Boening proceeded to Tina’s window to collect her food. Hardy, concerned for Boening’s well-being, advised her to park across the driveway and assured her that she would keep an eye on her until she felt better.

Gratitude and Recognition

Once Boening had finished eating and there was a lull in customer traffic, she returned to Tina’s window to express her gratitude. Boening took a picture as a memento and spoke to Tina’s supervisor, commending her outstanding assistance.

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