Chuck Norris honors mom as she turns 102 – she worked nights to get her 3 sons out of poverty

Chuck Norris Celebrates His Mother’s 102nd Birthday

A Heartfelt Message to a Remarkable Woman

Chuck Norris expresses his gratitude and admiration for his mother, Wilma, on the occasion of her 102nd birthday. He marvels at her vibrant spirit and credits her as a significant influence in his life.

A Trio of Influential Women

Chuck acknowledges the impact of three important women in his life: his grandmother, his mother Wilma, and his wife Gina. Their support, prayers, and unwavering faith have shaped him into the person he is today.

A Life of Perseverance and Faith

Wilma Norris Knight, born in 1921, faced hardships during the Great Depression and raised her three sons as a single mother. Despite enduring multiple personal tragedies and health challenges, she has shown remarkable resilience throughout her life.

The Power of Values and Determination

Wilma instilled in her children the values of perseverance and self-belief. Chuck attributes his success as an actor and martial artist to the lessons she taught him, emphasizing the importance of overcoming obstacles with determination.

The Journey to Hollywood

Chuck Norris’s path to becoming one of Hollywood’s iconic action stars started with his time in the United States Air Force. During his service in South Korea, he acquired his martial arts skills and earned a black belt in Tang Soo Do. His encounter with Bruce Lee eventually led to his breakout role in the film “The Way of the Dragon.”

A Loving Family Man

Chuck Norris’s dedication to his family is evident in his role as a father and grandfather. He shares his profound love and admiration for his mother and recounts the emotional reunion with his daughter, Dina, whom he met later in life.

A Mother’s Wisdom

Wilma Norris Knight’s advice on raising children centers on love, instilling moral values, and cultivating faith. Chuck Norris honors her wisdom and cherishes the time they have together.

Celebrating Wilma’s Remarkable Life

Chuck Norris extends Mother’s Day wishes to his mother, expressing his hope for many more years of celebration and cherishing the incredible bond they share.

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