Controversial Alabama Church Sign Sparks Community Outrage

A Church Sign Stirs Up Debate The welcome sign at Carters Grove Baptist Church in Hazel Green, Alabama, featuring the message “Pride month sounds about right” alongside a scripture from Proverbs 16:18, has sparked controversy within the community. The sign’s message has raised concerns about potential offense to LGBTQ+ individuals, especially those who may be grappling with their identity.

Differing Reactions Opinions on the sign vary. Some defend it as a display of diverse perspectives and community unity, while others find its stance uncomfortable. Pastor Jim Weaver of Carter’s Grove Baptist Church supports the sign and views it as a way to discourage what he considers an “unhealthy lifestyle.”

Motivation and Stance of the Church Pastor Weaver erected the sign in June as a response to Pride month, asserting his disagreement with celebrating what he believes to be an “unscriptural lifestyle.” He sees it as an act of love to address what he perceives as wrongdoing in people’s lives, rather than bigotry.

Resources for Support David Cleland, a member of Rocket City Pride’s board of directors, acknowledges the differing opinions surrounding the sign. Cleland suggests seeking support from Rocket City Rainbow Pages, a resource that provides assistance and information for the LGBTQ+ community.

Conclusion The presence of the controversial sign on Carters Grove Baptist Church’s premises has sparked a community-wide debate, with some defending its message while others find it offensive.

Pastor Weaver stands by his stance, while individuals within the community hold diverse perspectives. For those seeking support and resources, Rocket City Rainbow Pages can offer assistance.

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