Delta Burke’s husband has stood by her for 33 years – even when through sickness and weight gain

Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney: A Long-Lasting Marriage
Their 30-year marriage has defied the odds. Despite hardships, their love and commitment have endured.

Delta Burke immediately captivated Gerald McRaney. He moved quickly, aware of the competition for her love. McRaney proposed on their second date. McRaney was thrilled to marry his dream girl in 1989, even though it took two years.

McRaney married twice while Burke married for the first time. He wanted this marriage to last. He ignored McRaney’s friends’ doubts about their marriage. Both in the entertainment industry, they understood and supported each other, offering advice and assistance when needed.

Always each other’s biggest fans. Burke cried when McRaney won a Primetime Emmy for “This Is Us.” McRaney trusts Burke’s performance judgment above all others.

Burke’s 1998 personal problems tested their marriage. Her grandmother died and her mother got breast cancer. A dispute with “Designing Women” producers caused a career hiatus. Burke’s health also declined. Hypoglycemia and weight gain led to type 2 diabetes. McRaney took care of her medication and needs.

The couple stays healthy despite their struggles. McRaney remains a loving and supportive partner as Burke improves her health. McRaney wants to work with Burke again, but Burke has no plans to act again.

The couple wants to move to central Florida and enjoy life together. They raise McRaney’s three children from a previous marriage.

Delta Burke and Gerald McRaney are a model marriage. Their story inspires us to keep our wedding vows. Celebrate their love and wish them well.

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