Granddaughter Of Actor Morgan Freeman Stabbed To Death

The courtroom was charged with emotions during the sentencing of Lamar Davenport, the murderer of E’Dena Hines, Morgan Freeman’s granddaughter. Davenport’s mother accused Freeman of sexually abusing Hines in her early years, leading to the tragic incident.

Amid the proceedings, details of the crime emerged. Davenport stabbed Hines over 25 times in a frenzied attack while under the influence of PCP on August 16, 2015, in Manhattan.

Davenport opted for a non-jury trial and was convicted of manslaughter, receiving a 20-year sentence from Justice Ellen Biben.

During the sentencing, emotional impact statements were delivered by Hines’s niece, Ayanna Freeman, and her biological mother, Deena Adair. Ayanna mourned the loss of her soulmate and the void left in her life. Deena, who was re-establishing a connection with Hines, expressed the pain of losing precious family moments.

The case remains deeply emotional and has sparked controversy due to the allegations against Morgan Freeman and the devastating loss suffered by the family.

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