Homeowner Fed Up With People Cutting Through His Yard, Divides Internet With His Solution

Homeowner Divides Internet with Creative Solution to Trespassers

TikTok User Sparks Controversy

A TikTok user named Thomas Lyons recently ignited a heated debate online when he shared a video from his security camera. The video captured multiple instances of people cutting through his yard without permission.

Photo Credit: Tiktok News

Sprinkler System Comes into Play

In the video, a trespasser can be seen walking across the lawn. However, as she crosses a certain point, she triggers a hidden sprinkler system, resulting in her getting drenched and fleeing from the scene. A second video showed two children experiencing the same outcome when they cut through the lawn.

The TikTok video quickly gained immense popularity, accumulating over 36 million views, seven million likes, and 70,000 comments.

Photo Credit: Tiktok News

Debate Over Homeowner’s Response

Thomas Lyons’ video sparked a passionate debate among viewers, with opinions split on whether the homeowner’s approach was appropriate.

“It’s just grass,” argued some viewers, suggesting that the trespassers’ actions were harmless and the punishment was unnecessary. They questioned why walking on a lawn should be considered a bad thing.

Another commenter wrote, “Girl, let those kids go home a minute faster.”

A third person added, “It’s just grass. Chill.”

“These are school kids, you could just put a stone path [on the lawn], it’s just grass. Kindness means so much more,” proposed someone else.

However, others defended the homeowner’s actions, emphasizing the importance of respecting private property rights.

“I LOVE this level of pettiness. It’s your lawn, so do as you wish,” expressed one supporter.

A second commenter shared their upbringing, saying, “I don’t understand. I was raised never to walk in someone’s yard, especially a stranger’s.”

Another individual pointed out, “Y’all saying it’s just grass okay? It’s just water.” They highlighted the potential damage to the grass caused by trespassers and the availability of sidewalks for pedestrians.

The debate continues, leaving the internet divided on whether the homeowner’s response was justified.

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