HS football player takes great-grandma to prom and the adorable duo have heads turning

Austin Dennison, a 19-year-old high school football player, fulfilled his great-grandmother’s long-standing dream by inviting her to his prom. Delores Dennison, aged 89, had never been asked to prom before as she left school early. Austin’s invitation delighted Delores, and she eagerly accepted.

Delores had recently experienced health issues, including a heart attack and stroke. She made a promise to her great-grandson that she would attend the prom if she felt well enough on the day. Fortunately, her condition improved, and she was able to prepare for the event. Delores bought a new dress, and Austin surprised her with a pearl necklace to complement her outfit.

The evening started with Austin serenading his great-grandma with the song “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. They then enjoyed a dinner at Bob Evans, one of Delores’ favorite restaurants. After capturing some cherished moments through photographs, they headed to the dance.

At the prom, Delores and Austin shared a special dance to Frank Sinatra’s “Delores,” a song that her late husband used to sing to her. During the festivities, one of Austin’s friends asked to dance with Delores, but she politely declined due to fatigue.

Austin was inspired to take Delores to the prom after hearing a similar story from his teacher about someone escorting their grandmother. The Dennisons received a warm welcome as they entered the dance floor, and their presence earned them a standing ovation.

Delores and Austin both expressed their gratitude for the unforgettable experience. Delores, who had never attended a prom due to financial constraints and the challenges of the Great Depression, considered the evening magical and treasured the pearl necklace Austin gifted her.

This heartwarming gesture by Austin created lasting memories for both him and his great-grandmother, proving that prom can be a truly special occasion, regardless of age.

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