The Inspiring Love Story of Paul and Kris Scharound-DeForge


The concept of everlasting love is something that resonates with many people, but it can also be met with skepticism, especially for those who are still searching for their soul mate. However, there is ample evidence to support the idea of enduring love, and it serves as a beautifully inspirational concept for many of us. Love has the power to motivate people to do incredible things.

A Remarkable Love Story

Paul and Kris Scharound-DeForge, aged 58 and 54 respectively, are a living testament to the power of love, despite facing numerous obstacles. Both of them have Down syndrome, yet they refuse to let life’s challenges hinder their love. According to Reader’s Digest, the Scharound-DeForges hold the record for the longest-lasting marriage among couples born with Down syndrome.

Paul and Kris haven’t just been married for a long time; their story has also inspired countless couples around the world. The pair tied the knot a quarter of a century ago, and their love has only grown stronger over time.

A Love at First Sight

Their deep connection is evident when you hear Kris or Paul speak. Kris fondly recalls their first encounter thirty years ago when they crossed paths at a dance. They were instantly drawn to each other.

“I looked into his eyes and saw my future. He opened up my world,”

said Kris, reflecting on their meeting.

Valentine’s Plans

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in their hearts, as they make sure to celebrate it in a memorable way every February. Although every day spent together is significant for the couple, Valentine’s Day is a particular occasion they both look forward to. Kris always creates a homemade card for Paul, and when he returns from work, they go out for a romantic dinner. Their bond is remarkable, and they cherish every moment they spend with each other.

Last year, their Valentine’s Day was exceptionally special as they celebrated their Silver Anniversary. By demonstrating that people born with Down syndrome are fully capable of experiencing and sustaining emotional connections in marriage, they proved everyone who doubted them wrong.

An Unwavering Commitment

Despite the challenges they have faced, the Scharound-DeForges’ relationship shows no signs of fading away. Unfortunately, Kris’ husband has recently been diagnosed with early-stage dementia, which is common among individuals with Down syndrome. He has moved to a nearby residence where he can receive the support he needs, but his wife is always by his side.

“When they told me, I started to cry. He’s my life. I don’t want to be without him,”

explained Kris, emphasizing her unwavering commitment.

A Lesson in Love

Despite all the hurdles they have faced, Paul and Kris continue to overcome them together. The couple understands that while they love each other, none of these challenges ultimately matter. This is a powerful realization that is often rare. In today’s world, we can all learn something valuable from this incredible couple.

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