Jіm Cаvіezel: I held my ground аnd by God, they bасked off

Jіm Cаvіezel Told Dіѕney To Pound Sаnd When They Trіed To Remove ‘God’ From Hіt Movіe: “I held my ground, аnd by God, they bасked off”

Jim Caviezel advised Disney to “pound sand” after the studio tried to cut “God” from the film. “By the grace of God, I stood my ground, and they retreated.”

Jim Caviezel, a rare voice in Hollywood, has spoken out about how Walt Disney asked him to cut references to God and Christ from the script for his blockbuster film The Count of Monte Cristo.

‘They wanted me to take the word ‘God’ out of the Bible,’ I explained. The real deal… where did God go? “May the Lord grant me justice.” Cаvеzel аd, paraphrasing the text.

To paraphrase, “I had to say, ‘No, I can’t do th.” He claimed to have told Disney, and said that the executives’ response was typical of Hollywood. “Oh, so you’re one of thoe?” he asked. “Disney said that,” he said. One of those what?'” Is this person among those who rewrote Alexandre Dumas?Someone who rewrote Shakespeare’s works? That’s basically what you did, so why are you surprised? “So I stood firm, and thank God they retreated. We need to be steadfast Christians like that. To stand firm when necessary; to declare, “We will not purchase this product.”

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