Joan Collins, 90, looks stunning in this beautiful swimwear picture.

Joan Collins, a Timeless Icon: Stunning at 90

Joan Collins, the living legend, continues to showcase her body confidence and grace as she approaches her 90s. The English actress gained global fame for her iconic role as Alexis Carrington Colby in the soap drama Dynasty, where she portrayed a powerful and cunning character. Despite almost 70 years in the entertainment industry, Collins is still actively working and recently appeared in movies like Tomorrow Morning and The Gentle Sex.

Recently, she shared a picture of herself with her husband, Percy Gibson, in chic leopard print swimwear, capturing the attention of her admirers. Despite her age, Collins looks radiant and continues to amaze her fans.

Sensational: She slipped into a leopard print one-piece that showed off her incredible figure as she posed alongside her husband Percy Gibson, 57

Throughout her life, Collins has been married five times. She admits to regretting some of her marriages but cherishes her children from those relationships. She holds a special bond with Percy, especially during the pandemic, as they navigate the challenges together and remain each other’s steadfast support.

As Joan Collins once said, “I was a fool. Since I had two amazing children—Tara and Alexander—from my marriage to Tony [Newley] and one stunning daughter—Katy—from my marriage to Ron [Kass], I don’t regret any choice. Last year, Joan stated, ‘I genuinely regret marrying the Swede [Peter Holm].'”

Joan Collins is undeniably a legend and an icon, captivating audiences for generations. Her enduring beauty and timeless charm continue to leave a lasting impression on her fans worldwide.

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