Kelly Clarkson is a mother who spanks her kids if they don’t behave

Kelly Clarkson has discussed how she instilled moral values in her children.
The mother of two admitted that if her children act inappropriately, she will spank them.

She claims that doing this is typical in her home state of Louisiana, where she currently resides.

Clarkson is a native of Texas’s Fort Worth. She has two biological children from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock, River Rose, 5, and Remy, 3, as well as two stepchildren. She responded, “I’m not above a spanking,” which some people don’t like, when questioned about how she dealt with misbehaving kids. She only means a light smack on the behind; no harsh thrashing.

She goes on to claim that her parents spanked her and that she performed well in life, therefore she is content with herself, which is how she justifies her behavior. She continued by saying she always receives a warning before acting.

She is from the South, where spanking is prevalent, the Voice coach said.

However, she acknowledges that doing so in public can be challenging because those who disagree are ready to criticize.

People have disagreed regarding the long term effectiveness of spanking as a form of punishment. Some individuals believe it to be safe, while others believe it to be risky.

The use of spanking or any other form of “corporal punishment” to discipline children is not encouraged by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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