Man Shares This Photo Of His New Dog Online, People Immediately Call The Cops On Him

A heartwarming photo of Dan Tillery and his newly adopted companion, Diggy, went viral, spreading joy across the internet. However, some individuals reported Diggy as a pit bull terrier, which violated local dangerous dog ordinances.

Police arrived at Dan’s home, and despite presenting adoption papers identifying Diggy as an American bulldog, they issued a ticket and demanded Diggy’s relocation within three days, threatening a hefty fine and potential jail time.

Photo Credit: Dan Tillery/Facebook

In response to the injustice, over 10,000 people signed an online petition supporting Diggy’s stay with Dan. Dan collected evidence from trusted sources to prove Diggy’s breed. After months of legal proceedings, the charges against Dan and Diggy were dismissed.


In the end, justice was served, and Diggy’s infectious grin continues to bring joy to all who encounter him. The heartwarming tale emphasizes the significance of pet adoptions and the love they bring to people’s lives.

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