Man tries to kidnap little girl – has no idea her dog is lurking nearby

In a frightening incident in Woodbridge, Virginia, a loyal dog became a hero by preventing the abduction of a 10-year-old girl. The details of the girl, her family, and the dog have been kept private for their safety, but the story serves as a reminder of the incredible bond between humans and their canine companions.

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As the girl was walking her dog in a busy neighborhood, a man began following her. Sensing danger, she quickened her pace, but the man chased after her and grabbed her wrist. However, the brave dog immediately sprang into action, biting the assailant’s hand and causing him to release his grip. Startled and injured, the man fled the scene, giving the girl the opportunity to return home safely.

 Facebook / Prince William County Police Department

The Prince William County Police Department praised the dog’s heroic act in a statement, saying, “During the encounter, the victim’s dog bit the suspect who then released her and fled on foot.” Despite the police’s efforts, the suspect has not been apprehended.

The incident serves as a testament to the protective and loyal nature of dogs. People in the community have expressed their admiration for the dog’s courageous intervention, recognizing the potential tragedy that was averted.

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This story reminds us of the valuable role dogs play in our lives and the bond of trust and protection that exists between them and their human companions. It is a tribute to all the protective pups around the world who watch over their loved ones.

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