Man Tries To Sexually Assault Woman, She Breaks Off A Piece Of Him He’ll Never Be Able To Get Back

In North Charleston, South Carolina, a man attempted to sexually assault a woman after breaking into her home. The woman fought back and managed to defend herself from the attacker’s advances. The man used force to enter her home, brandishing a knife, and physically assaulting her. Despite his threats and violence, the woman resisted.

When the man forcefully kissed her and tried to assault her, she bit down on his tongue with great determination, causing it to snap and inflicting severe pain on the attacker.

The woman successfully escaped to a nearby business to call the police. The assailant sought medical help for his injured tongue, but it remains unclear if it was reattached.

The victim’s courageous actions and her ability to fend off the attacker were commendable. The incident highlights the importance of self-defense and standing up against assault

Police recovered evidence supporting the woman’s account, including the described knife. The man’s criminal actions raise questions about appropriate consequences for his attempted sexual assault.

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