Meghan and Harry’s friend shares picture of Archie – inside his ‘low-key’ fourth birthday party

Meghan and Harry’s Friend Shares Picture of Archie’s ‘Low-Key’ Fourth Birthday Party


May 6th marked a significant moment in British history as Charles was crowned King, accompanied by a grand ceremony celebrated by thousands in London. However, across the Atlantic, another important event was taking place in sunny California: Prince Archie, the son of Harry and Meghan, turned four.

A Royal Dilemma

Prior to the coronation, Meghan and Harry expressed their desire for their son’s birthday to be acknowledged if they were to attend the ceremony. In the end, Meghan decided to stay home with the children, preparing for a more intimate birthday celebration while Harry supported his father alone.

Archie’s Birthday Plays a Role

Royal expert Omid Scobie highlighted the significance of Archie’s fourth birthday in Meghan’s decision to remain in the US. He explained on Twitter that the couple’s limited trip to the UK would solely involve Harry attending the coronation at Westminster Abbey.

A Grand Gesture

Despite Meghan’s absence, Charles made sure to acknowledge his rarely seen grandson. Reports suggest that shortly after his coronation at Westminster Abbey and the family’s appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony, Charles raised a toast to celebrate Archie turning four.

Harry’s Swift Return

Harry, eager to return home for Archie’s birthday, made haste to catch a plane. He wanted to ensure he arrived in time to celebrate with his son and put him to bed afterwards. Boarding a plane at 3:45 pm, Harry landed in Los Angeles around 6:55 pm local time.

A Low-Key Celebration

Archie’s birthday gathering consisted of close family members and friends. Sources revealed that Meghan baked a lemon cake with fruits from their garden as a special treat for her son.

A Touching Birthday Wish

Photographer Misan Harriman, a close friend of Harry and Meghan, shared a heartfelt birthday message for Archie on social media. Accompanying the message was a screenshot from the Netflix documentary, showing baby Archie touching a photograph of his late grandmother, Princess Diana. While some found this adorable, others speculated that it was an attempt to overshadow Charles’ coronation.


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Messages of Celebration

Fans sent an outpouring of birthday wishes to the Sussexes, expressing love and blessings for Archie and his family. They eagerly awaited pictures from the birthday celebration.


On Archie’s fourth birthday, a private and low-key celebration took place with his loved ones. Despite Meghan’s absence from Charles’ coronation, her presence was felt through the heartfelt gesture of raising a glass to honor Archie. The Sussexes continue to capture the attention and well-wishes of their fans worldwide.

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