Meghan Markle shares glimpse into her and Harry’s bedtime routine

Meghan Markle Reveals Bedtime Routine with Harry

“Prince Harry and I try to have some quality time in the evening,” Meghan shared in a candid Variety interview, offering a glimpse into their private life after putting the kids to bed.

Meghan’s Workdays and Family Time

“We do a lot of joint calls and Zooms… If it takes less than five minutes, do it now,” Meghan mentioned, emphasizing how working from home allows them to prioritize family time. They start their day with breakfast and manage tasks together despite the challenge of Harry being on a different time zone.

Harry’s Memoir and Potential Fallout

“There’s a lot of tension within the Royal Family about Harry’s memoir,” an insider revealed, expressing concerns about its potential impact on family unity. The book may delve into Harry’s strained relationship with his father and brother, causing worries about negative portrayals affecting their attendance at King Charles’s coronation.

Charles, Camilla, and Harry’s Complex Relationship

“Prince Charles deeply loves and protects Camilla,” an anonymous source revealed. The memoir could potentially lead to further complications in the already strained relationship between Harry and Camilla, making choices within the family more challenging.
Meghan’s disclosure of intimate details and the upcoming memoir have certainly added to the intrigue surrounding the former royals. The public is eagerly awaiting the book’s release to gain further insights into the dynamics within the family.

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