Melania Trump Breaks Silence To Reveal What We All

The Tradition of Personalizing the White House

Throughout history, first ladies have put their personal touch on the White House, including the iconic Rose Garden. Jackie Kennedy’s transformation of the garden is well-known, and it has served as a peaceful retreat for presidents. Melania Trump followed this tradition with her own renovation in 2020.

Melania Trump’s Renovation of the Rose Garden

Melania’s renovation focused on improving the garden’s infrastructure and accessibility. She added new audio-visual equipment, lighting, and paving. The central lawn was bordered by a limestone pathway, which received mixed reactions from the public.

Controversies and Reactions

Critics were particularly vocal about the removal of roses and crabapple trees planted during JFK’s term. Some saw Melania’s changes as out of touch, especially considering the ongoing pandemic and economic struggles. A petition to restore the garden gained significant support.

Melania’s Response

Melania’s office addressed the criticism a year after the renovation. She clarified that the backlash was based on a misleading image and shared photos of the blooming roses. Current First Lady Jill Biden also shared these images in support.

The controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s Rose Garden renovation continues to spark debate and divided opinions.

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