Mom has been chastised for uploading images of her son doing household tasks, such as cleaning and cooking, on the internet

Society often assigns specific gender roles to household tasks, with cooking and cleaning considered feminine responsibilities while tools and sports are associated with boys. Nicole Boulogne, a single mother from Michigan, faced criticism for posting pictures of her 7-year-old son doing household chores.

Many people questioned her parenting choices, believing that boys should not be involved in such tasks since they are traditionally seen as women’s responsibilities. However, Nicole is focused on teaching her children independence and life skills.

As a mother of two, she believes it is important for her children to learn how to take care of themselves and their surroundings. Her older child can already cook simple meals, mow the lawn, and do the dishes. Nicole plans to teach her younger child the same skills as he grows older.

Nicole responded to the criticism by explaining her reasons for teaching her son these tasks. She wants him to be self-sufficient and capable of taking care of himself, whether he lives alone in the future or wants to impress a partner with his cooking abilities. She emphasizes the importance of raising children who contribute to household responsibilities and are prepared for adulthood.

Studies support Nicole’s approach, showing that children who are involved in household chores develop responsibility, take on challenges, and achieve higher goals later in life.

Nicole’s dedication to teaching her son these skills is commendable. She is breaking traditional gender stereotypes and preparing her child for a well-rounded future.

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