Mom Notices Her Boy Not Go Into School After Being Dropped Off, Then She Realizes Why

Mom Discovers Son’s Patriotic Gesture That Goes Viral


A heartwarming incident involving a Texas kindergartner has taken the internet by storm, showcasing acts of patriotism in a time of political division in America.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Son’s Touching Gesture

Heather Nelson, a mother from Texas, unknowingly captured a powerful moment when her son, Royce Thompson, stopped to pray and recite the Pledge of Allegiance after being dropped off late at his elementary school in Santa Fe.

The Viral Impact

Nelson shared a photo of her son’s gesture on Facebook, which quickly went viral, accumulating over 2 million views. The photo resonated with people across the nation, restoring hope and highlighting the positive values instilled in children.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

An Unexpected Pause

As Royce was about to enter the school building, he paused, perplexing his mother. She urged him to hurry, unaware of the significance behind his actions.

A Remarkable Act of Respect

A police officer approached Nelson and revealed the reason behind Royce’s pause. Despite being late, Royce felt compelled to show respect to his country and faith by reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, inspired by the school speakers broadcasting it.

A Silent Prayer

In addition to the pledge, Royce silently said a prayer, expressing gratitude for the day. As prayer is not allowed in schools, Royce found solace in silently connecting with his faith.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

A Proud Mother’s Message

Nelson expressed her pride in her son’s gesture but also attributed his values to her father, Judge Mike Nelson. She acknowledged her father’s positive influence on Royce’s character and credited him for instilling such values.

“It’s stuff like this that still gives me hope for the future and also makes me proud of the small town I came from!” – Facebook user

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