Never judge a pit bull just on appearance. This dog performed what you see here. He made news appearances.

When William Bisbing moved to a new area with his 4-year-old pit bull named Flynn, his cat-owning neighbor expressed concerns about the breed’s perceived danger. William reassured his neighbor that Flynn would not cause trouble, aiming to challenge misconceptions.

One Saturday, the neighbor heard alarming noises and saw Flynn running away with his cat in his mouth. Frantically, the neighbor tried to free the cat, and Flynn eventually dropped it unharmed.

Upset, the neighbor accused Flynn of aggression and threatened involvement of the authorities. William defended Flynn, stating he was raised with cats and not inherently aggressive.

Reviewing security camera footage, another neighbor discovered a coyote approaching the cat. Flynn swiftly intervened, saving the cat from the coyote’s grasp.

The grateful neighbor apologized, realizing Flynn’s heroism. William emphasized the need to apologize to Flynn for labeling him as aggressive.

This story underscores the importance of not judging animals based on appearance. As William said, “You need to apologize to Flynn, not to me.”

Flynn’s courageous act highlights the need to avoid bias and prejudice towards all animals, including pit bulls.

“INCREDIBLE. Flynn saved the life of my cat. My cat would have been eaten by a coyote if it weren’t for him.”

“You need to apologize to Flynn, not to me. When you referred to him as an aggressive breed, you offended him.”

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