Officer Breaks Into Hot Car To Rescue ‘Baby’, Then Realizes He Made A Huge Mistake

In August 2016, a New Hampshire police officer mistakenly broke into a car to save a lifelike doll, thinking it was a real baby. Responding to a distress call at a Wal-Mart parking lot, the officer saw what seemed to be feet under a blanket inside the vehicle and believed it was a baby in danger due to hot weather.

Breaking the car window, the officer uncovered the doll and mistakenly thought it was a deceased child. He tried to resuscitate the doll, realizing later that it wasn’t real.

The doll’s owner, Carolynne Seiffert, explained that the lifelike doll named Ainslie was designed to resemble a real baby closely. She wasn’t present during the incident but clarified the doll’s appearance and texture.

Seiffert plans to put a sticker on her car to prevent similar incidents.
This story underscores the need for clarity and safety awareness, especially regarding lifelike dolls.

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