Paris Jackson speaks out, says how Michael Jackson actually was as a father


Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late musician Michael Jackson, has recently opened up about her upbringing and the type of father he was. Despite her struggles following his passing, Paris is now pursuing a career in music. In this article, we delve into her perspective on growing up with the “King of Pop.”

Michael Jackson’s Background

Michael Jackson’s musical prowess earned him the title “King of Pop,” but his life was far from easy. From his early days performing with the Jackson Five, he faced difficulties at home, including a strict father who imposed harsh punishments. Nonetheless, his talent as a musician, dancer, and songwriter remains unparalleled.

Paris Jackson’s Childhood

Paris Jackson, born in 1998, spent her early life in privacy, being home-schooled alongside her brother until sixth grade. Michael Jackson prioritized shielding his children from the public eye, resulting in their restricted lives at the Neverland Ranch. Despite their privilege, it was undoubtedly a challenging upbringing.

Paris Jackson’s Upbringing

In a YouTube interview with supermodel Naomi Campbell, Paris revealed that her father provided a culturally enriching upbringing. Michael Jackson ensured that his children received an education and were exposed to various experiences beyond glitz and glam. They traveled to third-world countries, gaining a broader perspective on life.

Reflections on Childhood

Growing up, Paris Jackson had the opportunity to see the world as her father toured globally. She expressed gratitude for her privileged childhood but acknowledged the importance of not feeling entitled. Michael Jackson instilled a strong work ethic in his children, teaching them the value of earning things rather than simply expecting them.

The Tragic Loss of Michael Jackson

The sudden passing of Michael Jackson in 2009 had a profound impact on Paris Jackson and her brothers. During his televised memorial service, an 11-year-old Paris delivered heartfelt words about her father, expressing immense love for him. The world finally caught a glimpse of Jackson’s children, who later appeared at the 2010 Grammy Awards to accept a posthumous Lifetime Achievement Award for their father.

Life After Neverland

Following her father’s death, Paris Jackson resided in a mansion with her grandmother and other family members. At the age of 19, she moved into her father’s private studio at the family compound, transforming it into her living space. Losing her father was a profound experience, and Paris felt the weight of carrying on his legacy.

Career Path

Despite the challenges she faced, Paris Jackson chose to pursue her own path. She took her father’s advice to heart, believing in the importance of earning her own success. While born into wealth and fame, Paris is determined to establish herself in the entertainment industry. She started her career as a model and has graced the covers of prestigious magazines.

Release of Debut Album

In 2020, Paris Jackson released her debut album, “Wilted.” Although her father was known for his R&B and pop sound, she chose an indie-folk style for her music. While her father’s taste influenced her, Paris crafted her unique sound, conveying stories of heartbreak and love.

A Personal Journey

Paris Jackson has navigated personal struggles, including self-esteem issues and cyberbullying. She has undergone significant transformation, seeking therapeutic support and attending a therapeutic school in Utah. She no longer feels the need to rush her maturity and has developed a different perspective on life.

A Lasting Connection

Paris Jackson maintains a deep connection with her late father, Michael Jackson. She often speaks about him with love and admiration, emphasizing the impact he had on her life. Despite the controversies surrounding Michael Jackson’s personal life, Paris chooses to focus on the positive aspects of her father’s legacy.

Paris honors her father’s memory by embracing his philanthropic efforts. She actively engages in charitable work, supporting causes such as cancer research, environmental conservation, and animal rights. Through these endeavors, she hopes to continue the humanitarian legacy her father left behind.

Furthermore, Paris Jackson is no stranger to the music industry. She credits her father for influencing her musical journey and expresses a desire to explore different genres in her music. Although she recognizes the challenges of living up to her father’s iconic status, Paris aspires to carve out her own path while maintaining a connection to his musical legacy.

In interviews, Paris has spoken about the emotional impact of hearing her father’s songs and the comfort they bring her. She cherishes the bond she shared with him through music and continues to find solace and inspiration in his artistry.

While Paris Jackson continues to navigate her own path, she acknowledges the profound impact her father had on her life and remains committed to preserving his memory. Through her own endeavors and personal growth, she seeks to honor him while establishing herself as an individual in the music industry.

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