A Generous Gesture: KFC Offers Free Meals to Police Officers


A KFC restaurant in Gallipolis, Ohio decided to show appreciation for law enforcement officers by offering them free meals. The sign posted in the restaurant’s window has sparked both support and controversy.

Showing Appreciation

The sign prominently displayed at the KFC states, “All uniformed police officers eat free every day.” The restaurant aimed to demonstrate their wholehearted appreciation for the men and women in uniform who put their well-being on the line to ensure public safety.

Viral Response

Since the sign was put up, it has garnered significant attention, quickly going viral on social media. The Facebook post about the initiative received over 5,000 shares and 10,000 likes, with many people applauding the restaurant’s gesture.

Controversy and Different Perspectives

While the majority of responses have been positive, some individuals voiced their dissatisfaction with the initiative. They argued that all first response services should be included, not just the police. Even the administrator of Ohio Going Blue, a law enforcement officer, agreed with this sentiment, stating that other first responders should also be acknowledged.

The Larger Picture

The intent of the KFC sign was to acknowledge and support law enforcement. However, it is important to consider a broader perspective and recognize the efforts of all first responders. These dedicated individuals risk their well-being daily, and gestures like providing a free meal can be a way to show gratitude for their service.

Opinions and Support

The KFC sign has sparked discussions among people regarding their views on the initiative. It is an opportunity for individuals to express their support or share their thoughts on whether such gestures should extend beyond law enforcement.

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